Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg e.V.

In order to provide our orchestra with an institutional framework, we decided in June 2006 to register the non-profit organization Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg e.V. (Statute of the APH). The Association consists of active and passive members. A management board of six people is responsible for organizing and coordinating the ongoing projects and the legal representation of the orchestra. The board members also serve as contact persons for sponsors and for the general public.


Please let us know if you would like to cooperate with us as an advertisement partner. We are glad for instance to place your ad in our playbills, to display your logo on our concert posters or on our homepage. Please contact Hanna Fischer for further detail. If you are interested in supporting us further as a sponsor, please contact Julian Schwarze.

At the moment, the Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg is promoted inter alia by the Heidelberger Volksbank, without whose support working on this level would not be possible.

Supporting us

The Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg has become an established part of student and municipal cultural life within the last few years. Trough several sold-out concerts, the orchestra was able to gain a growing and enthusiastic core audience. However, the expenses of renting the concert hall, buying music sheets, engaging soloists, etc. are significant. These costs are covered by membership fees, ticket sales, and especially by sponsor contributions. If you would like to support the Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg, there are different possibilities:


Your donation is tax-deductible, and it contributes to enriching the musical scene in Heidelberg while sustaining the musical quality of the orchestra. You can remit a one time donation directly on the bank account of the orchestra and receive a confirmation. You are also welcome to become a supporting member of our association.

Account holder: Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg e. V.
IBAN: DE09 6729 0000 0045 4551 06
Bank: Heidelberger Volksbank

Supporting Membership

If you would like to become a supporting member of our association, you can find the membership application here. Please send us a completed copy, or contact Julian Hlawatsch with any questions.


The Akademische Philharmonie Heidelberg sincerely thanks you for your support!